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veterinary-web-designImagine having more new veterinarian clients than you could possibly handle, even in a down economy. A world where you had a constant and steady stream of QUALIFIED prospects and clients. All this and more is possible when applying PROVEN and TIME-TESTED marketing principles.

The goal of the VetNet Marketing Makeover is to implement a complete marketing system that puts all your marketing efforts on auto-pilot, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best- providing the best quality of care and service to your clients and their lovable pets.

At the end of the VetNet Marketing Makeover, your practice will have:

  • A well defined marketing plan that takes all the guesswork out of marketing your services and growing your practice.
  • A complete marketing system that attracts targeted prospects to your services
  • The knowledge and tools needed to dominate your marketplace in 30 days or less for much less than what you’re spending now.

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Every consultation we do includes an initial assessment that is free of charge. And this is not a veiled sales pitch – we really do examine your practice and make actionable recommendations.

From this point we will gladly provide a written plan along with your personalized mind map that will lead you step-by-step to a successful marketing campaign. Your total cost for the custom online marketing plan and mind-map is a fraction of what other firms would charge for such a powerful program. We promise!

But maybe you want us to do the work. That’s OK too!

To find out more about how to super-charge your marketing efforts with the Vet Net Marketing Makeover, Click Here to request more information.

Here is an idea of what you can expect…

Veterinary Website Design:

Despite what many experts teach about the Internet being a medium where you can sell to the world virtually for “free,” most companies’ investment in website development never pays off.

Why is that?

Because they treat their website as a glorified brochure instead of the direct response sales and marketing tool that it should be. It must have a VERY focused objective, driven by good copy, compelling offers, and attract its fair share of visitors.

We can develop turn-key website solutions for lead generation, customer relationship management, and customer education. These services could include the services of a full-time webmaster, email management, hosting, and tracking of your visitor’s activity.

Fully Optimized Web Portal Options Includes:

  • Website Hosting
  • Complete Website Design and Construction
  • Automated Marketing Lead Capture System
  • Integrated Blog Platform
  • Email Marketing Setup and Maintenance
  • Graphics
  • Video

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Website Traffic Generation:

This is crucial. It doesn’t matter how good your website is if nobody gets there! We have the necessary experience in search engine placement, search engine optimization, and a solid track record in profitable use of the powerful but complex “Pay per Click” strategies.

We can work with your web developer to implement your personalized online marketing system.

Services for Existing Sites:

  • Automated Marketing Lead Capture System
  • Integrated Blog Platform
  • Email Marketing Setup and Maintenance
  • Additional Traffic Services Listed Below
  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic:
  • Keyword Research and Study
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Geo-Targeted Keyword Search Implementation
  • Strategic Backlinking Program
  • Video Submission
  • Social Media Promotion
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Website Traffic Conversion:

This is another critical component of profiting from your website. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if they don’t do what you want them to do once they’re there!

A potent combination of lead generation advertising, educational marketing, development of compelling offers and response mechanisms, and good copywriting can make your website very profitable.

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Copywriting Services:

Excellent advertising copy is without a doubt one of the most underrated elements of any successful marketing plan. A skillfully crafted, highly targeted sales message that has been integrated with ALL aspects of your marketing plan – via web, direct mail, and print advertising – can transform your veterinary practice almost overnight and create a steady stream of additional business for your practice for years to come.

More than any other factor, good sales copy is the overriding factor in determining whether your marketing efforts work, or if it’s just wasted money. While most business owners do not understand the power of great copy, those that do have a distinct, almost unfair advantage over their competition.

A good copywriter will dig into a particular story like a detective, discovering the hidden gems that make your particular sales story spring to life. Hiring a copywriter is one of the best business decisions you can make as a veterinarian, because every advertisement or marketing piece you run, can be transformed into a profitable financial investment by a excellent copywriter.

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Magazine Articles and Free Reports:

Publications such as articles in local publications and newspaper are powerful publicity tools. One of the keys to a successful educational marketing plan, is establishing credibility and expertise as a veterinarian in your local community. Writing and publishing articles is without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to establish your expertise as a veterinarian and set your practice apart from the competition.

Free reports should be the centerpiece of highly effective, low-cost lead generation system for many lawn care maintenance and landscaping companies. It is an opportunity to provide your prospects and customers something of value for very little cost to you. Doing this will increase your position as the ‘expert’ and will work to build credibility in the eyes of your prospects. Along with a carefully planned lead-generation system, well written report can be worth its weight in gold.

However, most articles and ‘free’ reports fall short of their true potential in two ways:

1. They fail to achieve a proper balance between establishing credibility and selling – they are either too commercial, or not commercial enough. In most cases, they’re just boring and nobody reads boring stuff unless they absolutely have to.
2. Most companies don’t market them effectively. You can have the greatest article or free report in the world, but if you can’t get anyone to read it, it doesn’t matter.

Contact Us today about writing an article or creating a free report for your vet practice to use in your next marketing campaign. Let us design an integrated approach for you, writing and/or editing your free report and editing and/or marketing your articles, then designing highly effective, low cost lead generation campaigns around them.

Lead Generation Advertising:

Lead Generation Advertising is a very powerful, little known form of advertising that can completely eliminate cold calling and position you as the lawn care ‘authority’ in your area. It ensures that you only spend time with people who are worthy of your time and who have proactively expressed interest in doing business with you. Skillful lead generation advertising can differentiate you from every competitor and make you a formidable opponent in your marketplace.

From lead generation advertising with multi-step marketing campaigns to one-step direct marketing campaigns we can create an advertising mix that reliably brings you new business with minimum waste and even less “manual labor” sales grunt work.

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Direct Mail:

Direct Mail is a very powerful weapon for every conceivable kind of business. It is totally unique in its ability to target prospective clients with laser precision and deliver a complete and compelling sales message at a very low cost. With direct mail you can establish a solid presence in your prospects’ or customers’ mind with little overhead.

Success in direct mail is based on understanding your target prospect, acquiring a quality list of prospects, creating compelling offers that address their needs, producing seductive copywriting that conveys benefits and then properly packaging your lawn care maintenance or landscaping service. We bring all of these ingredients together for highly effective targeted marketing.

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